You can avoid everything but yourself.

Inceptive advertising solutions

Our philosophy

Every product needs advertising. Being a consumer-oriented society, advertisements are everywhere around us and have become an integral part of our lives.

But are they still a part of our consciousness? How much do we really still pay attention? We close pop-ups on the internet, we change the channel on the TV, we glance over ads in the newspaper and billboards are just building scenery. Overexposed to commercials as we are, our brains develop a natural guard and keep us from focusing on the messages they carry.

How do we turn off advertising blindness?

The mirror is one of the essential parts of our everyday life – our most intimate moments are when we are looking at ourselves in the mirror.

You can avoid everything but yourself.

Activemirror is a medium for inceptive advertising solutions.
The reality of the commercial becomes your reality.

Because premium ads require premium positions.

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